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— where am i?! ((((゜д゜;))))

short answer: on my personal/inspiration blog, aphylaxis. please talk to me! i miss all of you. no joke. let me know how your laifu is, what’s up, and stuff…and things…

long answer (if you actually care haha ಠ_ಠ):

  • busy with school: yearbook editor-in-chief in DA HOUSE, lead role in fall play, executive officer in student council as “publicity director”, in charge of advertising/publicity for school administration, parent-teacher peeps, aaaaand ap classes and senior thesis - you get the point.
    i don’t know why or how i got so involved with school. 
    but…i did, apparently. i’m beginning to think that i was coerced into all of this ( ̄□ ̄)
  • busy with college prep: i’m a senior in high school, so i’ve been working on college applications, sat+sat subject exams, all of that junk. i’m super excited to get out of this hell hole entitled “high school”.
  • busy with w-what?! omg - no. NO. FRIENDS?!11?!11: yeah, apparently i have friends that i see during and outside of school on a regular basis. AND THEY’RE NOT STUFFED ANIMALS, OH GOD, PRAISE THE LORD. щ(ಥДಥщ)
    i’m legitimately so blessed with my current social life, it’s ridiculous how kind some people have been to me over the course of this past year. difficulties did arise along the way, of course, but i’ll only go into detail if you’re actually interested uhuhuhu ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

    thank you to all of you who still remember this blog, its glory days, and have put up with all of my off-and-on moments. fill my ask box with questions if you feel so obliged to interrogate. i sincerely want to reconnect with so many of you, but don’t know how ;____;
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final stage during TVXQ’s The Secret Code Tour in Kobe, Junsu stands up from his wheelchair while singing Bolero ♥
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